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    Components of Archive To Go use the Microsoft .NET Framework. The .NET Framework includes a comprehensive runtime security mechanism designed to limit the resources which applications have access to when executed from different locations. (Local machine, a network, the Internet, etc.)

    If you execute Archive To Go from a location that is not fully trusted (i.e. a network drive), you may receive an error message such as:


    Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.

    You may also see a message referring to a Security.Policy exception.

    You would be most likely to see such a message when using the Finder or Indexer.

    To resolve this issue you need to increase the trust level granted to Archive to Go:

    1) From the Windows Control Panel, select ‘Administrative Tools’.
    2) Select ‘Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Wizards’.
    3) When the ‘.NET Wizards’ dialog appears, click the ‘Trust an Assembly’ option.
    4) On the ‘Trust an Assembly’ page, select either ‘Make changes to this computer’ or ‘Make changes for the current user only’ as appropriate. Press ‘Next >’.
    5) On the ‘Which Assembly Do You Want to Trust’ page, press the ‘Browse’ button and select the network copy of ‘a2goindexer.exe’. You’ll find it in the ‘_viewer’ subfolder where you installed the archive on the network drive. Select ‘a2goindexer.exe’ and press ‘Open’. Press ‘Next >’.
    6) On the ‘Trust this assembly or all assemblies from this publisher?’ page, select the ‘All assemblies with the same assembly public key’ option. Uncheck the ‘Include version number’ check box. Press ‘Next >’.
    7) On the ‘Choose the Minimum Level of Trust for the Assembly’ page, drag the slider to ‘Full Trust’, then press ‘Next >’, then ‘Finish’.

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