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      When sending out an email using the Formativ Stationery 2.0, the graphic may not appear depending on the receiving email program.

      It is displayed in GroupWise, Yahoo mail, Outlook Express and Google Mail, but is not displayed in GroupWise 6.5 Web Access or MS/Outlook XP when reading a GroupWise mailbox.

      While yahoo mail will display the graphic, it will not retain it if the email is forwarded. Is these behaviors due to how the graphic is referenced in the HTML document (without a path) or is it just a problem with the way different email programs handle HTML?

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        This has more to do with how different email applications interpret and render HTML. GroupWise is responsible for the generation of the native MIME representation of the message, which is certainly a valid file.

        Another possibility is that certain email applications are stripping out (or hiding) embedded images as a security measure. For example, the Mozilla email client will not display HTML images unless you explicity request that it does. This is a security and privacy feature.


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