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      We are evaluating Message Saver for a campus wide simple archival sollution. It seems very usable, with one major catch: the folder structure of the message in the GW client is not maintained.
      Yes, certainly I can set different folders to save to, but this requires CTRL-click to change settings before every save. There is no way our faculty are going to do that.

      Is there currently a way to have message from folder X goto a subdir X and message from folder Y goto subdir Y in the default save folder, such that the structure is automatically built?

      If not, are there plans for future enhancements of this nature?


      Johan Reinalda
      reinaldj at thunderbird dot edu

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        Thank you for your enquiry.

        The feature you describe is in the enhancements database for the Message Saver Pack, and we hope to include it in the next major release. We know that this feature will be valuable to Message Saver users. Unfortunately I have no information about the likely date for this release.

        How important is it for the target folder structure to be as you describe? That is, is it essential that the file system record the folder structure? Would it be equivalent for you to have the folders stored in a database or other structured file, as long as folders and messages can be browsed in a similar manner to that in GroupWise (using Message Viewer)?

        Advansys Support


          Thank you for your reply.

          I am glad to hear that this is in the feature request database.

          How this is implemented is less of an issue; what is important is that the user (our faculty, and staff) see the same folder structure when they open the viewer, as they see in the GW client (when pointing to the default save location (or a cd/dvd that this has been burned to)). There is no way they will accept an archiving solution that will require them to do all the manual steps needed at the moment to recreate their existing filing scheme, or simply have everything at the same folder level.

          ie. Once we setup their default archive folder, they will expect the messages archived to show the same structure when displayed in the viewer (even when moved to cd/dvd).

          After having demo’d this to some users and discussed this with VP level management, we agree that for us this is a show-stopper type feature.


          Johan Reinalda
          Director, Network Engineering
          and Administration
          Thunderbird, the Garvin School
          of International Management
          Glendale, AZ, USA

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            Thank you for the additional feedback and we fully appreciate the reasons for your need. While we cannot disclose specifics in this public forum, we have already touched base with another of your colleagues today and we will be able to provide further background information by telephone.


            Advansys Support

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