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      I have installed the Enterprise Proxy solution and have created the Trusted App. This seems to work OK and I can see all the POs in the Post Office settings view. However when I start up the Applet it does a discover and finds 152 users when we have around 450. When I browse down through the system I notice that I am only shown 4 out of our 8 domains and therefore cannot see all users. It seems to stop on a domain which is in a separate Tree which we cannot connect to from our head office. Rather than ignore this domain and continue on to the other domains, it just seems to stop. Typically all the domains with our users in them are below this problem domain. As such I cannot access any users info.

      Any thoughts or workarounds for this problem?



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        Hello Stuart,

        This sounds like a bug in the GroupWise Admin API the solution uses to access Domain information. I suspect the unreachable domain is invalidating the iterator we use to process all the domains in the system.

        We’ve discussed this internally and decided to make a change to the solution to try to work around the issue. I suspect we’ll have an updated version by close of business today our time, at which time I’ll email you a copy.


        Advansys Support

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