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      One of our staff have saved a large group of e-mails. There where no errors during the save process but now when she goes to open some of the fml files (seemingly from the same sender) it returns with a jpg error:

      Message Viewer cannot open this file.
      C:Doc & settingsuserfilename.fml

      Cannot create file C:doc & settingsuserlocal settingstemp_vwr000image001.jpg@01c8fc2.50846c80_alt=_cid_image002@01c80779.b5a0550.
      Would you like to choose another application to open this file ? Y/N

      If I open the fml file in Firefox and view it as an XML style file I can see there are 4 attachments – text.htm, a jpg, a pdf & a mime.822

      I need to be able to view the pdf. I’m either looking to how to fix this or if that’s not possible how to get around it so we can view the attachments.

      Any suggestions ?


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        Could you please send some of the problemetic messages to support (support@advansyscorp.com) for debug. Please note, Advansys treats all data provided by clients as strictly confidential.

        Advansys Support

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