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      I am following the procedures/documentation on how to Archive and Save the Message Properties. I use the GW Client with the /@u-? command line option, as directed in the documentation. I have Archive Creator/Viewer version I have GW client 6.5.1.

      When I start the Archive, I get an error message, stating;
      You haveindicated you wish to include message property information for user ‘SJOHNSON’. However, message property information is not available because GroupWise client is logged in as”. The include message property information setting has been unchecked and message property information will not be saved. To include message properties, cancel Archive To Go and start GroupWise using the /@u-? or /@u-<UserID> command line arguments.

      I did this and it still didn’t work for me.

      I noticed in the 12/23/05 updates, this issues was supposedly resolved. That noted stated that the a2goview.exe had a bug.

      Please Help & Thanks In Advance

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        Thank you for your enquiry.

        In order to include message property information in archived messages, please follow these steps:

        • Start GroupWise and log in to the user account that you wish to archive. NB: Ensure that GroupWise is not proxied to some other account.
        • Start Archive To Go Creator. The login page of the Wizard will display the ID of the logged-in user. Enter the password at the box provided, click Next and proceed through the remaining pages.

        You should find that archiving now works as you require.

        We are not aware of any issues regarding message property information. The fixes noted in the update of 23 December 2005 were not related to message properties.

        I hope this helps you.

        Advansys Support

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          OK, I did has you requested and Yes, it gets me to the point of where I can enter the Password for the User. However, the problem is on the next screen or two, where I Select INCLUDE MESSAGE PROPERTIES. It give and error message and tells me that the Client is Logged in as “. As a result of this error, it states that the include message property information setting has been unchecked and message property information will not be saved.

          Please Advise

          Support 2

            Sorry we missed it in your post the first time round but our minimum specification for the GroupWise Windows Client is 6.5.3. Before any further troubleshooting can proceed, please upgrade the client to 6.5.3 or higher (the latest being 6.5.6).

            We hope the upgrade will solve the problem.


            Advansys Support

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