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      I downloaded the trial of Formativ and the stationary pack for Groupwise 6. I can use it fine, it sends the emails – but the recipetent never receives them? I have tried sending to yahoo, hotmail & BT as well as to some other companies – none of which have received any of the emails. However if I send to another internal address, it sends fine within seconds.

      Anybody got any ideas how to sort this?

      Thanks, Shane

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        Very interesting and we never had any report about this issue. Here are some thoughts:

        • Can you see the emails sent to other clients in your “Sent Items” folder?
        • Can you reproduce the same behaviour with another Stationery or perhaps with a sample Stationery?
        • Please make sure the Stationery not created using MS Word. We strongly recommend against using Microsoft Word as your HTML editor. When a Word document is saved as HTML, Word includes HTML codes which make the HTML file incompatible with a GroupWise HTML message. See the help for more information.
        • If possible, can you upgrade your GroupWise client to a latest version and try the solution.

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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