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      We’ve looked at A2G and we’re almost ready to make a purchase. The major thing that’s putting us off is the inability to export just part of a mailbox – in particular, mail over a certain age.

      I know there is a “bodge” involving archiving certain folders, and we could manually filter-and-move older mail into a folder to be archived, but this is a lot of work and has many disadvantages. The sticky post at the top of this forum said the next major version of A2G would have date filtering, but this was posted over a year ago.

      Will there ever be another version of A2G, or should be look elsewhere if we need a more granular export utility?

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        Thank you for your post. We are in the process of releasing an interim release, Archive To Go 1.2, but this does not include date filtering, which is planned for Version 2.0.

        1.2 includes auditing (including GWAVA Redline option), separate export of GroupWise native archives, GroupWise Resource support for Enterprise mode, Trash folder option, GW 6.0.4 support, Forward/Reply in the Archive To Go Viewer, plus other fixes/enhancements.

        In the last year much work has been going on behind the scenes to prioritize extraction reliability and compatibility with interim GroupWise releases. This offers the strongest base for progressing with additional features, such as date range, category and type filtering. We have been gathering customer feedback during this time and there are many new features planned for 2.0.

        We appreciate the need for filtering and this is the top priority for 2.0. If you need further information or wish to discuss your specific requirements, please write directly to support@advansyscorp.com and it will be addressed by the appropriate person.


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        Support 2

          As a follow-up to our reply above, during our product planning meeting today, we have decided to release another interim version prior to 2.0. The proposed release will include date range filtering. We are aiming for a May release. We will let you know as soon as a preview beta becomes available.


          Advansys Support

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