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      Had groupwise with SP2 installed on workstation.
      Installed Formativ – got “a device attaced to the system is not function error” and GWWWW1.DLL is missing (as well as some others.)

      Reinstalled groupwise, (which from the cd is sp1).
      Get same error message, and a second window which says the GWMXLIB1.dll file is linked to missing export GWENV1.DLL:WpmemTestAlloc

      Help appreciated.

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        Uninstall of formativ does not resolve.
        This is a clean workstation – win98, Novell client, groupwise client , ie 6.0 and formative all thats on it.

        = (

        Support 1a

          We have not had any reports of any issues similiar to this. As uninstalling Formativ does not cause the issues to dissapear, I doubt very much Formativ is the problem. Link errors specific to GroupWise files indicate something fairly fundamental, possibly a corrupt GroupWise installation file, faulty hard disk, memory corruptions due to faulty memory, a virus, or any number of other factors.

          How many computers have you received these errors on?

          Advansys Support


            No others. I’m quite sure it was caused by formativ.

            As I said – brand new 98 install, novell client install, groupwise, ie6. All worked fine.

            Installed formativ. Nothing worked.

            Reinstalling the operating system seems to have resolved most of the problems, now. I am currently reinstalling groupwise sp2 now.

            I’d like to try formativ – but at this point I’m pretty paranoid. Maybe after a client demo of the existing solution.



              Ok.. groupwise on another machine.
              Formativ loads. (never would on the original machine recall) – and formativ was uninstalled on the original (and only) machine.

              And I have verified – everything under advansys except edit.dat was deleted.

              Unfortunately, I need that machine for a client demo tomorrow.

              Assistance vastly appreciated. Can you send a private post with a method of getting in contact?


              Support 2

                Hi, just a quick note to say we’ve sent you a private post.


                Advansys Support

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