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      I am trying to install the Message Saver Pack (2.0.3) via the GroupWise (7.0.1) addons directory. I am using the /s parameter to run it in silent mode. My problem is that it’s not installing the “Advansys Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0” portion. If I however do a manual install of the Message Saver Pack it does install it. Are there any other parameters I need to add or anything else I can do?

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        We can reproduce the behaviour you described above although not sure why the GroupWise Add On Directory facility only install “Message Saver” solution not the “Advansys Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0”. If you run the “Message Saver” pack in silent mode using Command Line switches then both “Message Saver” solution and “Advansys Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0” get installed. We need to investigate further for this issue.

        In the meantime, you can install Advansys Framework for .NET separately using GroupWise Add On Directory facility. Please note, “Advansys Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0” is a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file. Use “/quiet” command-line switch to run this MSI file on silent mode. See the web page below for more command line switches:

        Hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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          Thanks for the feedback. This looked like a good option, however there is only one problem and that is the new GroupWise setup program is also a MSI package and you can’t have two MSI packages being installed at the same time. The GroupWise setup package stays open while everything under the addons directory get installed and thus the 2nd msi reports an error that another MSI package is in progress.

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            Thanks for the update. We thought it may have been an issue with the Message Saver Pack installer, although now it appears that it won’t install the Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0 for the same reason as you have discovered.

            We are not sure how (or if) we’ll solve this issue. It will require further research and development.

            Thanks again for bringing it to our attention.


            Advansys Support

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