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    I am attempting to use the Personalised Mass Email applet – have created message in stationary, created address book with recipients, saved MIME format message into relevant Templates folder (btw your instructions need updating for GW6.5 as the Mime.822 file is now much more difficult to get hold of)

    Problem – when we start the applet – latest downloads v1.6.0.7 – the HTM and TXT format files in the Templates folder are displayed, but the MME files are not listed in the dialogue box, so we can’t select them or use them.

    Please can you help me sort this out
    GW6.5.1 – Formativ – Win2K Pro sp4


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    Unfotunately Novell ‘broke’ the facility we were used to utilize a MIME (.MME) file as the master document in the personalize mass email applet. We recently reported this as a bug to Novell. I can’t tell you where Novell have prioritized this, or when it might be fixed.

    In the meantime, you need to use HTM or TXT files as the master document to the merge, or install a copy of the 6.0.3 client on a machine you wish to use MME files with.

    I’ll check the documentation to ensure this is made clear.

    Advansys Support

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