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      I have a Demoversion of Formativ V1.06.08 with Groupwise 6.5 SP1 installed.
      As Groupwise 6.5 has new fields for categories, I like to set the category of
      a new created message by Formativ.
      I have not found any examples of accessing the category-fields and my attempt
      to do it by myself wasn’t successful.
      Can you give some hint’s ?


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        After playing around for some time, I have found the error by my self 😉
        It seems to be an error in the OBJAPI of GW6.5 SP1 !?
        It’s not possible to access the per-defined categories,
        but user-defined will work fine.

        If you select a message with a pre-defined categorie and start the
        following applet you will get an error in line 13. If you set an
        user-defined categorie everything works fine.
        Also, if you set a pre-defined AND a user-defined categorie, the
        count of categories will not be correct. !?

        Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

        Set Msg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage

        ‘- how many categories are set?
        iCntCat = Msg.Categories.Count
        msgbox (“#Categories: ” & iCntCat)

        ‘- only read categories if there is one set
        If iCntCat > 0 Then

        ‘- rad out the 1st category:
        set oAppCat = Msg.Categories.Item(1)

        ‘- get the name of that category:
        sAppCat = oAppCat.Name

        MsgBox sAppCat
        End If

        End Sub

        Support 1a

          Thank you for your posting. We will attempt to duplicate this issue and report our findings in this thread.


          Advansys Support

          Support 1a


            We have been able to duplicate the unknown error at line 13 when accessing a message that has been assigned a non-user defined category. This does appear to be a bug in the Object API, and we will report this to Novell today.

            We were unable to reproduce the category count anomoly where the count property is incorrect when both a user-defined and standard category is assigned. However, we have seen the count property report seemingly incorrect values in the past, so we will mention this to Novell at the same time.

            Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ll make a posting in this thread when Novell respond.


            Advansys Support

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