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      I’m having a very uncommon Problem! In the Formativ-Editor, i dragged the vertical pane, wich seperates the examples (on the left) and the codeeditor (on the right). I dragged it to the very left,(in order to see all the code) and now, i can’t drag it back!!!

      I restarted my formativ as well as my GroupWise, nothing helps!


      Thx n best regards

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        Thanks for the problem report, which we have been able to reproduce. It is definitely a bug and it will be fixed in the next update.

        In the mean time, if you are familiar with using the Windows REGEDIT program to edit the Windows Registry, you should delete the following key:

        HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0SettingsListWidth

        You will find that dragging the pane all the way to the left sets a value of 0x0000000 (0) and for some reason, once at 0, it can’t be dragged again.

        Of course be sure not to delete any other key except this one. Reinstalling Formativ may achieve the same result.


        Advansys Support


          Thx for fast and accurate Support!

          Instead of deleting the key, i set it to 100.
          Now the pane is visible, and i can’t procude the same error again. (wich means i can’t drag until 0)

          Very good!

          Thx again and dude, get some sleep! 🙂

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            Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear that you are running again. The problem only appears to occur when you drag the pane divider all the way to the left and then close FormativCentral. It is the act of closing FormativCentral at this point which writes the zero value into the Registry, thus somehow precipitating the problem.

            Ahh, to sleep, perchance to dream…. 😉


            Advansys Support

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