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    I have an applet which is integrated with the the Groupwise Main Window and Calendar contexts and I have checked off Toolbar & Popup for each. I also have the applet integrated on the View menu. The problem that is occuring is that in the Calendar context, the icon for this applet on the tool bar appears twice, with identical help text. Is this a known issue?
    Thanks for your help.
    Steve Stewart

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    Support 1a

    There is a problem with the calendar view context in the GroupWise client that can cause duplicate icons to appear – you are probably experiencing this issue.

    Novell fixed this problem in the GroupWise 6.5 SP1 client (I’m not sure if SP1 is officially released yet – we are using a beta copy).

    Advansys Support


    We are currently on GW 6.0, so I guess we’ll have to endure this until we upgrade to 6.5.
    Thank you.

    Support 1a

    They may have rolled the fix back into 6.0x as well. I’m not sure, but keep an eye on any 6.0x updates Novell makes available.

    Advansys Support

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