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      As a company wide project, I’ve installed the Stationery solution with GroupWise 6.5 on 50 PC’s to enable us to send HTML emails that derive info from NDS, the majority of which run XP SP2.
      For the majority of these installs the solution works perfectly.
      However, 5 of the installs have failed to complete – the software installs and its possible to select the default stationery… etc, but when I click the Stationery button in GroupWise, nothing happens… no error message, but no HTML email either..

      I’d be muchly grateful for any response or advice.


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        Thank you for your question. Are you able to run any applets on the machines where the Stationery solution fails? The first thing to ascertain is does the problem lie only with the Stationey solution, or is it more general in that no applets will run on these machines?

        It might be worthwhile to send us the configuration information from one of the machines where the stationery solution fails. Start GroupWise, then from the main menu select Help | About Formativ. When the about box appears select the configuration tab. Press the copy to clipboard button, then paste the contents of the clipboard into a email message to support@advansyscorp.com.


        Advansys Support

        Support 1a

          You may also want to check that the Novell eDirectory ActiveX controls are installed and registered on these machine.

          Advansys Support

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