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      Spanning problem.

      Archived an account that required spanning 4 CD’s. Two of the four span sets created when burned using Roxio 7.5 would not fit on a single CD.

      Error message accessing e-mail

      When I attempt to access an e-mail that is on CD 1 or CD 2 and the proper CD is not in the drive, instead of getting the message to insert CD 1 or 2, I get the following error message: Access violation at address 0044D4FB in module “a2goview.exe”. Read of address 00000057

      I can read the data when I put CD 1 or 2 in the drive, however when I get the error it is by trial and error to get the correct CD.

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      Support 1a

        Thank you for your post. The second problem may be related to the first. Could you please let me know the formatted capacity of the CD’s you are using?

        Advansys Support


          Imation, 700MB


            More infor, CD 2 is trying to write 703MB and CD 3 is trying to write 710MB

            Support 1a

              Thank you for the additional information. We have written to you via your registered email address regarding this issue.

              Advansys Support

              Support 1a

                We have just refreshed the install referred to in the email we sent to you.

                Advansys Support


                  I am getting the same error message, what is the solution?

                  Support 2

                    A fix was made on Friday December 23 2005 for both problems and a new version of the software uploaded to our Web site. It has not yet been documented on our Web site because we wanted to wait to hear from the customer who originally reported the problem. The good news is that the access violation fix (Archive To Go Viewer) has been verified as successful.

                    There were two issues:

                    1) For some CD media and recording software it appears that the default capacity specified in A2G Creator was too high. This has been lowered to a more conservative level of 600MB. If you know your CDs can accommodate a higher capacity, use the Custom setting.

                    2) There was a bug in the Archive To Go Viewer, a2goview.exe, where an error occurs when the sent items folder of an archive is selected and the items in the folder are unavailable (i.e. on another CD volume).

                    You can access the updated Archive To Go installer from the download location information previously supplied when you purchased the software. The trial version has also been updated and is available from our Web site, http://www.archive2go.com.
                    If you have existing archives, for a limited time you can also download the latest viewer from:


                    To update the existing archives, extract the viewer into all copies of the _viewer subdirectories in your archive. If the archives have already been burnt to CD you will have to copy them to disk, replace the existing viewer, then burn a new set of CD’s.

                    Our Web site will be updated next week when our office reopens after the holidays.

                    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further problems.

                    Happy New Year!


                    Advansys Support

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