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    Hi all!
    I want to know if there is a way to start an applet out of another applet. The problem is, that i’m workin on one project with a team. Now we want to develop our own solutions, but still be able to access all of them out of one applet.

    So what im searchin for is a way, to open an applet wich lets you choose where to go. (usin a combobox e.g.). Now -depending on what you selected – the currently active applet is closed and another one shows up.
    I appreceate any help!

    Thx n best regards
    Blessed One

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    The Formativ applet language currently doesn’t allow one applet to directly chain another. (The applet engine used doesn’t support chaining). There are also security issues to contend with.

    However, we have done something similiar via a Formativ HTML portal. Portals, built and displayed via an applet, have the ability to execute applets. Using this technique, it is possible to create a portal that executes a number of different applets depending on the options selected in the portal. This may or may not be helpful in your situation. The Programmers Guide contains details of how to have a portal execute an applet.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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