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    I have a question concerning personal folders in Groupwise 7. We are using formativ with success in our company for about one year now. Unfortunately my question has just partially to do with formativ itself but maybe you can help me anyway:

    Formativ uses a personal folder called “Formativ Portals” which has a specific icon and behaviour. How is it possible to assign custom icons to personal Groupwise folders, and how is it further possible to view browser content when this folder is selected instead of the standard folder contents of Groupwise like calendar messages? Do i need to write some C3PO DLL to realize this or what else is required? I would really appreciate some advice for this, can you maybe provide me some sample code?


    Daniel Fischer

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    Thanks for your enquiry. The Formativ Portal technology, which took significant resources to develop, is classed as Advansys internal IP. Unfortunately this means we cannot provide information on how it works. Sorry we could not be of assistance in this case.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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