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    Hi guys,

    1. Has anyone been able to make the Multiple Signature applet put the signature in the correct location?

    2. At the moment, if the insertion point is moved by the spell checker, or the user left it in the middle of the e-mail then the signature goes in the wrong spot.

    3. We are currently using Formative 1.6, and plan to upgrade to 2.0 in about 4-6 months. So I would like to fix this in version 1.6 if possible (we paid for the Business Solutions source code). I have set the Integration to “On Send”.

    4. On a new e-mail the fix is simple; applet moves the insertion point to the end of the e-mail before inserting signature.

    5. In a reply or a forward it’s not so simple. The signature needs to be at the end of the new text, but how do you know where that is and get to it?

    Andrew Smile

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    Hi Andrew,

    We have researched ways to work-around this behavior of the Spell Checker cursor relocation. Before inserting the signature text, the key is to relocate the cursor to a known anchor point in the message.

    There are various pros and cons to every approach. As such, your request is probably best addressed via direct email, so I’ll ask one of the developers to respond with how we may be able to assist.


    Advansys Support

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