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    Good Morning ,

    Do you think , it’s possible to use this file for update Formativ Applets on the Workstation.

    Or, this file it is only carried out at the first install when the software groupwise or formativ are installed ?!!

    Thank for your help

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    You can use the GroupWise Add On Directory facility to install Formativ Framework or solutions as part of a standard GroupWise client installation.

    We recommend the Novell ZENworks to roll out and register Formativ Framework and solutions automatically for large numbers of users from a central location. ZENworks also makes it easy to update Formativ whenever new software becomes available.

    Advansys provides three sample ZENworks AXT files (formativ.axt, formativruntime.axt and formativ_uninstall.axt) which you can edit and import into eDirectory/NDS to create ZENworks Application Objects which carry out installation, registration and uninstallation. You can download the sample AXT files from the Formativ Installation Resources Page on the Web (http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_distribution_kit.htm).

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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