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      I just Formative Express and the different formative applets.

      When importing a Microsoft PST throut Outlook Express (first read it into MS Outlook express), my adress book became completely empty and almost vanished.

      This did not happen on a machine without Formative.

      Please give some feedback how I can restore the adressbook, withou restoring every NAB.



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        This sounds like an issue with the Windows Messenging System Address Book Service Profiles.

        I should point out that Formativ does not modify (or even use) the Windows messenging system services in any way. Installing Formativ does not modify any messenging components. However, installing Outook and/or Outlook Express can upset the profiles, which can manifest issues with address books.

        Just to clarify, the Outlook migration applet (which I assume you are using?) only works with the full Outlook client – Outlook Express is not supported in any way whatsoever. I could not predict the applet behavior when used with Outlook Express.

        When you say “your address book became completely empty and almost vanished”, which address book are you referring to? Your system address book? A personal address book you attempted to import Outlook contacts from?

        I would suggest you backup your PST file, then uninstall all Outlook clients (Outlook and Express) from the PC. This will hopefully restore the messenging system services back to a stable state.

        Please let me know how you proceed.

        Advansys Support


          Indeed WMS seems to be involved.

          Only this seems to happen only at those workstations that formative is installed.

          How can WMS been set back.

          What I mean wit ‘disappear’ None off the existing adress book are listed. In fact none are listed at all. And all option (to import adressbook ea) are grayed out.

          Formative may not use WMS but it has surely an influence on it. I have hard to understand you did not minimal testing with Outlook Express.

          Tanks for your clear answer,


          Support 1a

            Formativ does not interact with the WMS in any way. I suspect the problem lies with your installation of Outlook, Outlook Express and GroupWise. Installing and configuring these application in particular orders can change the WMS profiles – I am 99% certain this is what has happened in your case. Formativ does not interact with the WMS at any level – it uses the native GroupWise programming API’s only.

            Outlook Express does not expose any programming APIs. We do not support it at any level.

            I can’t tell you how to reset your WMS profiles, as the details will vary depending on your installation and configuration. Probably The easiest way to do this would be to uninstall the GroupWise client, then re-install it and see if the profiles are correctly reset.

            Another approach would be to contact a member of your IT support staff to assist in manually resetting the GroupWise-specific WMS profiles. Given you appear to be using Outlook, Outlook Express and GroupWise on the same PC, you should probably setup an Outlook and GroupWise profile. Ensure the GroupWise profile is the default, and configure Outlook to prompt for the profile to use on startup.

            Advansys Support

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