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    Since Formative is using Visual Basic language, I would like to know how vulnerable a workstation with Formative is this for macro-virusses?

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    Support 1a

    Formativ uses many techniques not implemented in other collaboration products (such as MS Outlook) to help ensure GroupWise users are not subject to virus problems. These include (but are not limited to):

    – Formativ Applets are stored in a proprietary file format. Formativ applets are not VB/VBS files.

    – Formativ applets are not executed by the Windows Script Host (the Script host does need to be installed as Formativ uses certain files associated with the script host).

    – Formativ Applets can only be executed from within the secure Formativ ‘sandbox’ environment. They cannot be executed as email attachments, or from within the Windows shell.

    More details can be found in the following FAQ:

    Formativ Security FAQ

    Advansys Support

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