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      We are using formative 2.6 with app “delete attachment”. When using the “deleted att” button on a selected mail the pointer move to the next mail when ready.
      On a test pc i used formative 2.7 with gw2012 and there the pointer stayed on the same mail, which was selected when using the “delete att” button.
      Is formative 2.7 compatible with gw2012?

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        Thanks again for your post. We will need to investigate your observation about the message selection focus moving with GroupWise 2012 and Formativ 2.6. We are not aware of what could have changed within Formativ 2.7 code which could precipitate a change in behavior of the Delete Attachments applet.

        On the test workstation, did you use both Formativ 2.6 and 2.7 and found the same result?

        When testing Formativ 2.6 and 2.7 on the same workstation, were you using the same GroupWise Client version, GroupWise user account and operating mode (online/caching)? The question is to help ascertain if their are any environmental differences apart from the variation in Formativ version.

        Just to be thorough, if you have not already done so, could you try downloading the Delete Attachments applet from here: http://www.advansyscorp.com/pr…nload/cool-solns-dl/

        Kind Regards,

        Advansys SUpport


          Dear Support,

          I have downloaded the del. app again. It is the same as i have been using.
          I have been testing a little bit more. Now the del. app does the same 2.7 and 2.6.
          Is it normal that when i select a mail and then use the delete app button. When the action is ready the pointer moves to the next mail after wards. A lot of users find it confusing that the mail selected for deleting is not selected any more after the action (delete) is finished.
          We now use 2012 but when we ware using gw7 with gwstrip tool here the pionter stayed on the mail selected after the action.
          Greetings Joost

          Support 2

            Dear Joost,

            Thank you for the additional information and the feedback that user’s find the operation confusing when it moves to the next message. This is probably due to the the way we have to delete and then recreate the message without the attachments.

            This feedback will be reviewed by the engineering team and see what can be done to select the processed message.

            Kind Regards,

            Advansys Support

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              Our engineering team reviewed the Delete Attachments From Selected Messages solution. As there is no API available to delete attachments from a GroupWise message, we can confirm our solution needs to delete the message and recreate a new message without the attachments.

              As our solution deletes the selected message, the GroupWise client selects the next message by default. Unfortunately there is no GroupWise API available to select a specific message, otherwise we could select the recreated message automatically.

              We will write to Novell to see if it is possible to provide an API to select a message. If an API becomes available in future then we will update the solution and let you know.

              Best Regards,

              Advansys Support

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