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    Is it possible to use tabs in Formativ macros? I have several macros that I would like to combine together, and tabs would be the ideal way to hide screen elements.

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    Do you mean tabbed notebook style form control? If so, no, not in Formativ 1.6.

    Formativ 1.7 will include a fully featured VB/Delphi style visual dynamic forms designer, with object inspector, which will enable the development of event driven forms within Formativ applets. A comprehensive palette of standard and enhanced Windows and Novell controls will be available for use, including tab controls.

    Formativ 1.7 is currently in private preview beta. Should you wish to be considered for access to this early release, please send an email to formativ@advansyscorp.com, quoting this invitation to participate, your name, organization and contact details.

    If I have misunderstood what you mean by ‘tabs’, please set me straight.


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    Will the form’s designer be able to do the following.

    1) Replace the current edit control for new messages?
    2) allow additional code to be run as a user
    types into a control.

    The reason being is that I need a solution
    were the environment can do MS word type auto
    saves as a user creates a new email.


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    1) Replace the current edit control for new messages?

    If you mean replace the text edit control used in GroupWise compose view dialogs then no, the forms designer will not do this. The form designer lets you create completely new event driven forms. It is not designed to replace elements within existing GroupWise forms and dialogs.


    2) allow additional code to be run as a user types into a control.

    Code could be executed as a result of changes detected in a control element appearing on a new Formativ form, but not within an existing GroupWise form or dialog.

    If my understanding is correct, you wish to automatically save GroupWise draft messages periodically as a user enters text using the standard GroupWise email compose views. Unfortunately the forms designer will not help you with this requirement, nor will Formativ in general. Such a low-level feature would need to be built directly into the GroupWise client by Novell.


    Advansys Support

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