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    I have just updated from Formativ 1.6 to Formativ Studio
    First I deinstalled Formativ 1.6. After the installation of Formativ 2.0
    I had all applets twice.

    I’m the admin of Formativ so I have all applets localy on my machine and
    also in the eDirectory. After deleting the cache files in the (second)
    formativ directory I get the applets only once.

    With Formativ 1.6 I get an “administrator”-dialog for
    deactivating the eDir-applets. This dialog will not apear any more with
    Formativ V2.0. (Yes, activated in the control panel).

    In the control panel the entries
    “Update Applet cache on client startup” and
    “Enable intelligent applet caching”
    are also greyed out.

    I see also no Formativ-dialogs on Groupwise startup for caching the
    applets from eDirectory.

    What is going wrong here?

    Windows XP Pro SP2
    Groupwise 6.5 SP2
    Formativ Studio

    best regards
    Marco Mueller

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    Support 1a

    Thanks for your post below.

    We are not aware of any inherent problems witht the upgrade from Admin to Studio. Could you please post a copy of your configuration information (or email it to support@advansyscorp.com).

    You can access the configuration information from the GroupWise main menu. Select Help | About Formativ. When the About box appears, select the configuration tab. Press the ‘Copy to clipboard’ button. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the thread reply (or message to support as detailed above).


    Advansys Support

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