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      We are trying to create an applet to remove all the Document Management functionality from Groupwise. We can use the RemovemenuItem to remove items from the main GW window, however we would also like to remove the Check In option when you right click on a mail. Would also like to get rid of these from when creating a new mail and having the option to add document reference (through File menu and right-click). Is there anywhere that we can get a list of all the correct menupath parameters?

      Also, is it possible to hide/remove the Documents folder?



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        Context menu items are not supported by RemoveMenuItem. However, certain commands can be disabled by blocking their associated tokens (if available), as in the following code sample.

          dim iText
          iText = "Disable (Document | Check In...) command from GroupWise?"
          if (msgbox(iText, vbYesNo, "Enable/disable menu item") = vbYes) then
            ' 106 is the token ID for DocumentCheckInDlg()
            call GroupWise.EnableCommand(106)
          end if

        We do not know of a way to hide the Documents folder. It may be possible to remove it using the Folder object Delete method, but we do not recommend deleting default GroupWise folders; it might have unpredictable or very nasty results.

        Advansys Support

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