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    I have an applet that programmatically places an e-mail address in the TO field of a message.
    I want to place an e-mail address of the format (“John F. Doe”) or (“John F Doe”) in the To_ field of a message.

    When I type CurrentItem.To_ = “(My String)”, GroupWise gives me an error stating the address is undeliverable and crosses it out. But this address exists in my address book and I can send messages to it without a problem if I type the address manually in the TO field.

    Is there an explanation for this?

    – I.

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    I think CurrentItem.To_ should be assigned a fully-resolved email address (or list of addresses), eg.

      CurrentItem.To_ = "johnfdoe@mortuary.com"


      CurrentItem.To_ = "'John F. Doe' <johnfdoe@mortuary.com>"

    To do what you require (assuming your address book contains the entry “John F. Doe”), enter text directly into the To: field on the composing message view:

      call GroupWise.ItemSetText("X00", itfTo, "John F. Doe", TRUE)

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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