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      Formativ Runtime is installed and working for me, but when another user logs in to GroupWise on the same machine the button for the Delete Attachments applet on the toolbar does nothing. Selecting Applets/Run/Delete Attachments works fine.

      I’ve uninstalled and re-installed Formativ and the applet. Any ideas?


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        – What is your operating system?
        – Does the user who unable to execute from the toolbar has the admin or limited rights to the machine?
        – Can you re-produce this behaviour in another machine?

        Advansy Support


          XP, SP2, GroupWise 7.0.1 client
          Latest Formativ version
          User has admin rights (it worked for me logged in to the workstation as the user)
          I’ll have the user try it on another workstation. Since it works for me I think the problem is localized to the GroupWise account.

          Any suggestions?

          Support 3

            We think the issue is environmental. Please make sure you are running the latest point release of the GroupWise 7 client.

            Lets see your results on testing to another workstation. You may consider to install another solution (http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/feature/9485.html) to see whether the same behaviour occur on both solutions.

            If the problem persists, please send the Formativ Configuration to support. You can obtain the configuration by selecting Help | About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard. Then paste the text into your reply email (or save it to a plain-text file and include it as an attachment).

            Advansys Support



              We are also experiencing a similar problem:
              User A logs in to their GroupWise on machine C and all the formativ buttons on the GroupWise toolbar work perfectly.
              User B logs in to their GroupWise on the same machine C and all the formativ buttons appear on the GroupWise toolbar but do nothing.
              The difference is User A has View/Toolbar/Main ticked on and User B has View/Toolbar/Main ticked off.

              Can you please advise why the Formativ buttons on the GroupWise toolbar work only on the ‘main’ toolbar and not the ‘not main’ toolbar?
              Is there a fix?

              Support 3

                Thanks for your post.

                We have only couple of reports about this behaviour and so far we are unable to re-produce the behaviour in-house which makes it difficult to solve.

                Our engineers believe the issue could be environmental to the machine or GroupWise account as the Formativ works fine for some users but not for a specific user. It could be a bug in the GroupWise 3rd party plugin.

                – Does the Formativ toolbar button works when you change the User B – View/Toolbar/Main ticked ON?
                – Can you run the Applet from the User B GroupWise – Applets menu?
                – Making sure the GroupWise View issue, does the Formativ toolbar button works when you change the User A – View/Toolbar/Main ticked OFF?

                Look forward to hearing from you.

                Advansys Support


                  The behaviour of the formativ icons on the 2 types of toolbars (View/Toolbar/Main ticked on and View/Toolbar/Main ticked off) is related to what is set up on startup of GroupWise and whether the person switches between view/toolbar/main ticked on/off in a GroupWise session. I will try and explain to see if you can replicate:

                  1. toolbar = view/toolbar/main on
                  2. shut down GroupWise
                  3. restart GroupWise
                  4. formativ icons appear and work on view/toolbar/main on
                  5. change to view/toolbar/main off and no formativ icons appear
                  6. shut down GroupWise
                  7. restart GroupWise
                  8. formativ icons appear and DO NOT work on view/toolbar/main off
                  9. change to view/toolbar/main on and formativ icons appear and work
                  10. change to view/toolbar/main off and formativ icons appear and work

                  I hope this answers your questions in relation to switching view/toolbar/main ticked on/off. The formativ applets always work from the applets menu regardless of whether you have view/toolbar/main ticked on/off.

                  Can you please explain if this behaviour can be fixed by Advansys or Novell?

                  Support 3

                    Many thanks for your post. Yes, we can reproduce the behaviour in-house.

                    The issue is related to the Novell GroupWise client. We will contact Novell now and post any update in this thread.

                    Advansys Support

                    [This message was edited by Support 2 on February 19, 2008 at 10:22 PM.]

                    Support 2

                      Novell have created bug #363742 to track this issue.

                      Kind Regards,

                      Advansys Support

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