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    We have a number of users reporting that the stationery no longer displays when they sent email. My boss has been working on it but has gotten too busy to continue. We are running GroupWise version 7.0.1B, with Formativ 2.0.23. The PCs are all the same type Dell GX280s running Windows XP SP2, some are still on SP1 so that is not the issue. My boss said to image a PC and build it from scratch which I did and it never worked. We moved the files required to the local PC, had them login as admin equivalent, still didn’t work. Then I logged in and it didn’t work. Used the Shift formativ setup the HTML (forced it) worked, then stopped working. We really need help it appears that more and more people are reporting it is not working.

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    As you would be aware from past correspondence, we cannot reproduce this problem in-house nor do we yet know of another customer with the same issue.

    As correspondence has started via direct email, we will continue to deal with this issue via email. If a resolution is found which may be beneficial to other Stationery users, we will post an update to this thread.


    Advansys Support

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