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    If you wish to include SmartFields for eDirectory/NDS fields in your stationery, then you will need to install Novell NDAP ActiveX controls. Please see Help – “Support for eDirectory/NDS Fields” section for more information. Place a check mark at “Do not show this message again” if you do not want this warning to appear again. You can always allow the warning to appear again – see the SmartFields settings.

    The latest revision to the NDAP ActiveX controls requires manual registration of these controls after running the installer. Previous versions of the controls’ installer registered the controls automatically. You can download the Novell NDAP ActiveX controls installers from Novell’s website: ActiveX Controls for Novell Services (Core Components) and NDAP Controls.

    After installation, you will need to follow steps below based on the operating system:

    Applies to: Windows XP

    Start->Programs->ActiveX Controls for Novell Services->NDAP->Register Controls. This information is documented in the installed help file, for example (depending on your installation folder), C:Novellndkactivex_ndap.html.

    Applies to: Windows 7

    • Turn off UAC.
    • Run in compatibility mode.
    • If necessary run again as Administrator.
    • Run the register.bat file as Adminstrator from the ActiveX folder under the NDAP install.

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