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      I am finding that if Formativ Runtime is installed under an Admin profile on our win2K desktops, when a user logs in the Formativ settings are not established and it fails to run when GroupWise starts.

      Currently the only fix I have found is to tell the user to install the Runtime over the top of the base Admin install when logged in as the user, which is not what I want to have to do.

      Is this a known problem? is there a fix?


      System: GW 6.0.2, NW client 4.83sp1, Win2K sp3

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        We are not aware of any problems of this nature, but will undertake further investigation. I’ll report my findings in this thread. In the meantime, I suspect you will have to continue installing the software using the security setting the end user will ultimately be using.


        Advansys Support

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          What level of access has the end user been granted – Standard User, Restricted User, etc?

          Advansys Support

          Support 1a

            The setup program makes a number of entries in:

            HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0

            These HKEY_CURRENT_USER settings are required for the correct operation of Formativ. They will not be made for the appropriate user if the software is installed while logged in as another user. In this respect, the software does need to be installed while logged into the workstation using the target end-user ID.

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              OK, several answers, thank you.

              Most users are Power Users, whilst some are Users.

              If the User has to install the program, how do I force the folders to something other than the C drive (I want to use the Y drive location and put Formativ into each users Home folder)

              I have tried running a reg file with the NW client login, but it is not altering the CURRENT_USER keys you mention. So I can’t change the folder directories like that.


              Support 1a


                You may wish to download the Formativ 1.5 Distribution Kit:

                Distribution Kit

                The Distribution Kit contains resources designed to make distributing and registering Formativ on large numbers of workstations easy. The kit includes installer command line parameter information, Novell ZENworks AXT files, GroupWise AddOn directory configuration files and documentation.

                You could use the Windows installer config file feature to specify the location of the data and applet directories. This is documented in the kit, but here is a snippet:


                If the setup program is executed with the /i command switch, it first checks to see if a plain text file with the name specified after the switch exists in the same location from which the installation is executing. (Three sample configuration files are installed with the distribution kit: formativ_full.ini, formativ_pgm.ini and config_example.ini). If such a file exists, it reads a number of settings from this file and uses those settings in place of the defaults used by the setup program. An example of a complete installation INI file is shown here. No single value entry is essential, and you may elect to include only value lines for those settings you wish to override.


                ; Advansys Formativ Example Installation Configuration File


                ; This file documents the possible settings that can be used to control the

                ; installation of Formativ 1.5. All values are optional. Not all options are

                ; applicable to all versions of Formativ. See the Distribution Kit Guide for details.

                ; Specifies default paths

                Local Applets=C:datalocal
                User Data=C:datauser
                Library Backup=C:databackup

                ; Specifies default config

                Install Local Applets and Data=1
                Maintain Existing Path Settings=1
                Portal Folder Enabled=1

                ; Specifies the network protocol to use when accessing applets stored in the
                ; Directory.
                ; Usage:
                ; 0 – None (Use local applets only)
                ; 1 – NDAP if the NetWare client is installed, otherwise use LDAP
                ; 2 – Use specific protocol as indicated by the Override setting (see below)
                ; Override:
                ; 0 – NDAP (defaults to local access if the NetWare client is not installed)
                ; 1 – LDAP


                ; Specifies default LDAP settings

                SSL Port=636
                Use SSL=0
                Server Requires Logon=1

                The use of each value is shown below:

                Local Applets=

                This setting controls where Formativ will store personal applets for this user. This could be a directory on a local PC or a network directory. If this setting is not specified, Formativ will use a directory called Local under the Formativ program directory.

                User Data=

                This setting controls where user data will be located. The Formativ applet language contains a function which returns this location, and is used by many applets to access data files. If this setting is not specified, Formativ will use a directory called Data under the Formativ program directory.

                I hope this information helps.

                Advansys Support

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