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      The GroupWise system I manage (GW6SP3) has direct links to other GroupWise systems with external synchronisation enabled so that the external users appear in the address book. I’ve been asked to provide a solution so that the external users only appear in the system address book for users in 6 domains only (we have 30 domains). This can’t be done with the shipping code (if it can, please tell me how). Is there a way to do this with a formativ applet?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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        Dear Judy,

        Unfortunately I don’t think this can be done with a Formativ applet. The GroupWise address book is more or less completely closed to third party developers. It don’t contain any hooks that let us interact with it at a level required to meet your objectives.

        I am not aware of any other way this might be done, either. You may wish to direct this question to Novell, or try asking in one of Novell’s GroupWise Usenet forums.


        Advansys Support


          too bad, but thanks very much for your quick response. I posted the question on the GroupWise forums and to Novell.
          thx. jp.

          Support 1a

            Thank you for the update. Good luck.

            Advansys Support

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