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    I recently created an 9GB A2GO archive so I need to burn three DVDs. DVD1 works just fine; it contains two file (autorun.inf and exe) + media-01 folder. DVD2 and DVD3 contain same autorun.inf and exe + media-02 and media-03 respectively. However, DVD2 and DVD3 ask for media-01 folder instead of looking into their own folders. I must be missing smth really small. Any word of wisdom is appreciated!

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    Under normal circumstances, the Archive To Go Viewer should only request specific media when you attempt to open a message which resides on that media. For example, if you have DVD2 (i.e. media-02) inserted and you attempt to open a message which resides on DVD1, the Viewer should show the insert Volume 1 (media-01) into the CD/DVD drive.

    Could it be you are attempting to view a message which resides on volume 1 (DVD1) when DVD2 or DVD3 is installed? If not, to help us replicate the problem, we need to know the exact steps which result in this error. You can detail them here or feel free to write directly to support@advansyscorp.com.


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