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    We are currently in the process of migrating our GroupWise up to 7.0, however, whilst testing I have come across a strange bug…
    Within the Trash folder, if you select all items in the folder (more than three) and then hit Delete, GroupWise will then crash…
    However, if you simply select ‘Empty Trash’ the items will be deleted successfully.
    Have you ever heard of this issue? Would this be due to any Formativ applets installed?
    We also have DeskSite 8.2 installed- would this be a problem??
    Help! Confused
    Many thanks in advance.

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    We haven’t heard any report about this trash folder issue. Can you re-produce this behaviour without running Formativ, may be you can try to disable Formativ using the Control Panel Applet (Start – Control Panel – Advansys Formativ – General – Disable All). After the test, you need to go through the same steps to enable Formativ.

    Which version of GroupWise client you are running (See Help – About GroupWise)? We have received few report about the earlier version of GroupWise 7 client (http://www.advansyscorp.com/forums/topic/8771001341/) and we highly recommend to use the latest point release.

    Advansys Support

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