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    I have a macro that allows users to classify a message before it is sent. When I forward or reply to a message as attachment, 0I want the classification of the original message to be remembered by the macro.

    How can I pass the ‘classification’ of the attached message as a parameter to the new composing item?

    Do composing items have a general attribute property that can be set?
    Can I create a custom editable “classification” field in the header of a message (beside the Subject: field for instance)?
    Is it possible to create an invisible dialog control with a “classification” field that can be set by this parameter?


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    To append to my last post. Can built-in Formativ functions be overloaded to accept new parameters?

    Support 1a

    Thank you for your enquiry below.

    The optimal way to assign user-defined data to a message is to use the GroupWise custom field mechanism. Unfortunately, this only works for messages that already exist in the message store. When you are composing a new message, the message does not yet exist in the message store, and therefore you cannot use any of the Object API methods to add a custom field.

    You do have a couple of options none the less. You could add an attachment to the message being composed that contained the classification information. You could also insert the classification information somewhere in the body (or subject).

    You could also force the user to save the message into Work in Progress. This forces the message to be saved into the message store, at which point you could then add a custom field to the message that stored your classification information.

    To answer your last question, pre-built Formativ functions cannot be overloaded to take different parameters. You would need to write your own extended methods, then call the original Formativ method at the appropriate time.

    I hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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