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    We have installed and registered Formativ under the admin signon providing for default settings for all users. When we sign-on under a user (power user) on this particular notebook there are no formativ icons/options. If we signon as admin formativ is present.

    This is a Dell XP Pro notebook running Novell client 4.9.


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    It is possible that your installation of Formativ has no obvious GroupWise integrations. For example, if you are using Formativ Express/Runtime, and no installed applet has an integration with GroupWise. With Formativ Developer/Admin, the GroupWise client should include a new ‘Applets’ menu, and a toolbar button to launch Formativ Central.

    Regardless of your edition of Formativ, the GroupWise Help menu should have the item About Formativ… If it is there, please send us your Formativ configuration. To do so, select About Formativ… and when the dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab. Then click the button Copy to clipboard and paste the text into your reply. (We prefer that you email us configuration data directly, to support@advansyscorp.com .)

    Advansys Support

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