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      I used A2G to save a GW archive containing several hundred messages in several folders (an entire calendar year’s worth). Before running the creator, I selected the archive as the default in GW, and ran a rebuild. The A2G archive ended up being over 10 times the size of the original GW archive. When I opened up the viewer, I noticed that all messages past a certain point were the same message. This particular message also had large attachments. The message info in the folder lists seemed to be correct (various messages), except that the sizes were all identical. When opening the messages, the contents were identical, also. I looked at the last 2 FML files in a text editor, verified that the subject lines and dates matched the last 2 messages, and noticed that they were NOT identical, but seemed to have the expected info. I have not yet tried you free FML viewer to verify this. It appears that the FML content is OK, but somehow the viewer is pointing several hundred messages to the same FML file. The original GW archive is gone forever, lost in the shuffle of an ongoing agency-wide forced move to Outlook.

      Is there any help, or is all hope lost?

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        Thanks for your enquiry. I believe the behavior that you describe has not been reported previously.

        Just out of interest, what are the sizes of the original and A2G archives (approximately)?

        What are your installed versions of the Creator and Viewer modules in Archive To Go?

        When this archive was created, were any errors/warnings reported by Creator? You can find out by checking the summary at the end of the process log file, in the archive folder.

        Please send the following to support@advansyscorp.com so that we can determine if the inaccessible messages can be salvaged:

        • The process log file.
        • The contents of the _metadata folder (zipped). The exported metadata contains only Sender, Recipients, Subject and Date for each message; it contains only Display Name and Email Address for each contact.

        Advansys Support


          Upon further investigation using the free fml viewer, it appears that all the affected messages have the same attachments. The repeating message was due to viewing the html message attachment. When I switched to plain text, the correct messages appeared. The correct attachments, however, were all gone. Looking at a few of the FML files in a text viewer revealed that the attachment section of each was, sadly, identical. I still have a few years worth of archives to preserve before our IT staff permanently removes GW from all our computers (3 days from now) and replaces it with Outlook. I guess I will have to spot check a few of the last messages in each batch (and hold on to copies of the GW archives) to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

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            Thanks for the additional information.

            We hope that you can provide the following information to help us better understand this problem:

            • Which version of Archive To Go Creator was used to create this archive?
            • Which version of Archive To Go Viewer are you using to view this archive?
            • Please send the process log file to support@advansyscorp.com, preferably zipped. You will find it in the archive folder.

            We look forward to your reply.

            Kind regards,
            Advansys Support

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