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    Hello there..
    I recently purchased the Formativ Presentation Pack.
    I have already made a few stationeries, but there is a tricky thing with these. If I send just a plain message to somebody (no stationery), next time I use the stationery, it implements my previously sent message and it shows on the bottom, so I have to be extra careful to check it every time I am using it.
    Does anyone know how to stop this? Help please!

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    We are not aware of a similar problem. How are you creating your stationery, for example, are you creating stationery from existing GroupWise messages or creating it from scratch using the internal or an external HTML editor?

    Does this problem happen every time you use Stationery?

    Does it happen on any other workstation?

    Which version of the GroupWise Client are you using?

    What is the version of Stationery (see About on the Stationery dialog)?


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    I do both. Some stationeries I created in Dreamweaver, some just text based. It does it with both, regardless which one I use.
    The version of GW is 6.5 and the Solution Pack 2.0.
    What it does is, whenever I use stationery to send message, I have to check the bottom of the message window for any “unwanted” text from, either my old messages, or the text I copied previously. It does not get implemented into the stationery text field itself, but underneat.
    I always have to make sure to check, but people in my office find it very annoying and they rather opt out of using it at all.
    Please see if you can find out what is causing it.
    Thank you.

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    Upon further review, there was a known issue with the initial release of the GroupWise 6.0 client, 6.5.0.

    Could it be that you are using the initial relase of the 6.5 client?

    Please refer to this post from 2005:



    Upon review, the problem is very likely due to using the GW Client 6.5.0. As a ‘.0’ release, it had some serious issues we had to try and work around. Upon review of the code, the work-around had to use some clipboard functions and probably explains the problem you are seeing.

    If you are using the 6.5.0 client, updating to 6.5.5 or 6.5.6 (which has just been released) will resolve the Stationery and many other GroupWise Client issues.


    Advansys Support

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