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    Good afternoon ,

    On a Windows Seven Pro Sp1 x32,(Intel C i5-2400), 4 Gb with groupwise 8.0.2 and Formativ runtime 2.5.

    At the launch GroupWise works , but formativ display an error “out of system ressource” and you applet couldn’t loader.

    Note, this error is appearing when the computer is in a Domain (Server Windows 2003 Std Sp2).
    Else in Workgroup it’s works normally with the same user name.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately we don’t know what is causing this problem. It seems odd that the problem only appears when it is part of a domain and don’t know how that could influence the operation of Formativ. It is likely to be a very unusual environmental issue.

    Unfortunately there is nothing we’ve seen like this which would help us understand a potential cause.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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