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    could someone give me a simple example, how to search & replace in a word dokument?

    i can open the right word document, but i get an error, when i want to replace..

    function OpenWord()

    OpenWord = TRUE
    On error resume next
    Set iWord = GetObject(“Word.Application”)
    if IsEmpty(iWord) then
    Set iWord = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
    if IsEmpty(iWord) then
    Call MsgBox(“text”, vbCritical, CAPTION)
    OpenWord = FALSE
    end If
    end if
    iWord.visible = true
    s = iword.ActiveDocument
    iword.documents.item(1).Content.Find.Execute FindText=”%1″, ReplaceWith=”Argl” ,Replace=WdReplace.wdReplaceAll

    end function

    the error i get is following:

    Wrong number of arguments, or invalid Property(association)

    (as usual its a translation ;)

    Thx in Advance
    Greez Tom

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    I believe that using the selection object (.ActiveDocument) in Word is unreliable. Also, neither VBScript nor Formativ know the Word constant wdReplaceAll.

    The following code sample should be a useful alternative.

    Advansys Support

    Const wdReplaceAll = 2
    ' Mainline processing
    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
      dim oRange
      dim oWordObj
      On error resume next
      Set oWordObj = CreateObject("Word.Application")
      if oWordObj is nothing then
        exit sub
      end if
      oWordObj.visible = true
      Set oRange = oWordObj.Documents(1).Content
      if oRange is nothing then
        exit sub
      end if
      Call oRange.Find.Execute("%1",FALSE,TRUE, FALSE,,,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,"Argl",wdReplaceAll)
      set oRange = nothing
      set oWordObj = nothing
    End Sub

    That code works fine for me! Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: As usual workin late at night 😉

    Support 1

    Glad to hear you’ve been successful. We are happy to help.

    Advansys Support

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