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      Advansys is very pleased to advise that Archive To Go 3.0 is now available from http://www.advansyscorp.com/pr…chive/archive-to-go/. Thank you for all the valuable feedback provided by our beta testers.

      Software Change Notice

      Software Change Notice
      Product: Advansys Archive To Go

      Version: 3.0
      Description: Changes from version to 3.0
      Date: 15 July 2014



      – Template support. Template files are self contained with predefined settings for creating an archive.
      * Automatically save current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
      * Execute an existing template by selecting from Creator, double-clicking the template file (file extension: .a2g), creating a desktop shortcut with a template command line parameter.
      * Hands-free template export automation by suppressing the confirmation and completion dialog; apart from the status dialog no other dialog will be shown.
      * An external application can use an existing template, modify it if needed, and initiate an export by passing the template as a startup command line parameter.

      – Support for the GroupWise 2014 web administration, which ues the new REST API introduced in GroupWise 2014.

      – Folder export filter which uses folder name matching to select folders during export. The folder name filter supports full name, partial name and wildcards.

      – Export message properties in both Local and Enterprise Access modes for the main user account and related native (personal) GroupWise archives.

      – Personal contact group export.

      – Automatically rename the archive output folder if the same folder name already exists.

      – Option to save large attachments as external files when the attachment size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB).

      – Quick link to open exported archive folder location at end of process.

      – Log updated, including the following information:
      * reporting of shared folder rights and users;
      * Trusted Application optional IP Address & port;
      * system name, folder filter;
      * to help troubleshoot GroupWise data issues which prevent message export, to indicate which folder is about to be processed, an “archiving…” log entry is added before archiving messages from a folder;
      * archive account details (Name, ID, Domain, Post office name, etc);
      * folder level and log summary indicating documents which were not processed (either not accessible or unable to be saved);
      * unless email messages only are exported from a folder, the breakdown of other item types, such as tasks and appointments is now listed;
      * when unable to login to an account, the login failed entry has been changed from a Warning to an Error status; and
      * export duration details.

      – Advanced: Improved Workstation IP address configuration for the GroupWise Trusted Application creation.

      – Advanced: Added an options settings file switch called CreateShadowArchiveProgressFile, the default setting is FALSE. The shadow xml file will be created in “support-files” folder in the archive folder.

      – Advanced: Archive creation remote management using “Advansys.A2Go.Signals”. This class manages signals from the Archive To Go Creator (A2Go) process and raises events which provide progress updates to external applications.


      – Enterprise mode GroupWise Trusted Application config.bin settings are portable between different machines (config.bin is now fully portable).

      – Additional archive folder exception handling.

      – Prompt when the archive output or audit folders have read only access rights (write access is required for these folders).

      – Blank EncryptedKey caused error “Index was outside the bounds of the array”.


      – Updated UI colors.

      – Other minor fixes.


      – Updated UI layout and colors.


      – Updated to support large attachments saved external to the parent FML message file.


      – Due to a bug in the initial GroupWise 2014 client, including the default personal archive is not yet supported when using the GroupWise 2014 client. It is anticipated that this issue will be resolved by Novell in the GroupWise 2014 SP1 update. If this feature is required, use the GroupWise 2012 client.

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