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    just a heads up really, unless anybody knows a fix…….
    GW 6.5 sp1 rev 2 client installed – Formativ still mentioned on the splash screen, but no Applets menu, no icons, Portal still works but can’t access web pages as icon & menu gone!, right mouse click items still available ie address new mail
    on the plus side the signature problem is listed as a fixed item :-)

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    Support 1a

    Thanks for the info. I think these issues have been fixed in a later build of the SP1 client. I am using 6.5.1 (5/20/2003), which doesn’t exhibit the problems you describe. We did have an earlier SP1 build that did cause most of the icons, etc, to not appear.

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    this is version 6.5.1 04/06/2003 from f32651f2.exe posted as a Novell Beta FTF on 11 June 2003

    if you have a more recent fixed version that is cool, but it would be nice if Novell posted it so I could try it instead of the broken version



    oh, checking again the date is 4th June 2003 – so it looks like they have broken it again if yours is a May build

    Support 1a

    I might need to get you an updated Formativ 1.6 preview build – I’ll contact you directly in this regard.

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    Support 1a

    GroupWise 6.5 SP1 Beta fix – Formativ update for Admin, Developer and Runtime

    As part of the forthcoming GroupWise 6.5 SP1 client, Novell fixed a long-standing problem relating to way third parties interact with the main GroupWise toolbar and menu system. Previous versions of Formativ contained code to workaround the original client problem. The fix introduced in 6.5 SP1 invalidated the original Formativ code, preventing Formativ toolbar buttons and menu items from being added to main GroupWise window. This update ensures Formativ buttons and menu items are added when used with the 6.5 SP1 client.

    The updated installation files are available from the Formativ Download Page


    We have a winner ! Thanks for the help.
    Would it be a good guess to suggest that Formativ V1.6 will be released after GW6.5sp1 is finally officially released?

    Support 1a

    1.6 is due for release in the next couple of days. Most of the major issues appeared to have been ironed out in the GW6.5 SP1 client, so we are confident of a stable platform which we can run under.

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    Ok .. I have tried everything. I have tried multiple versions of GW 6.5 with SP1, without SP1, older version, and newer versions. I cannot get Formative to recognize any Applets. I am trying to test this to see if it will work for us, but can’t get it to work. I have the Formative ver 1.6 Runtime.

    Any ideas?

    Support 1a

    Could you please email your Formativ Configuration information from the machine where you cannot see any applets to support@advansyscorp.com.

    To access the configuration information:

    1) Start GroupWise
    2) From the main GroupWise menu, select ‘Help|About Formativ’
    3) When the about dialog appears, select the ‘Configuration’ tab.
    4) Press the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button.
    5) Close the about dialog
    6) Compose a new email message to support@advansyscorp.com and paste the contents of the Clipboard to the message body.


    Advansys Support

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