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      This is the second time, i lost all my data..
      I wrote on an applet, cut and paste it to global applets, and it’s gone…

      Thanks a lot formativ… oh, well it says you can recover those applets in the formativ help..
      Doesnt work at all… Thanks formativ…

      5 hours work gone… thanks formativ…

      could SOMEONE please take a look at formativs routines when you cut n paste an applet from “my applets” (lokal) to “global applets”!!

      Thanks formativ…

      And btw.: This is the **'”$$%/%&/@@§$$ 2nd time this $%$$/$$@@”§$”% happens…

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        I don’t know why this would happen. As long as you don’t shut GroupWise dowm, you should be able to locate the applet source via File Explorer in either your local applets directory, or in the mirror cache directory stucture (all applets are local during a session, even those in eDirectory). Determine the location of your cache (mirror) directory from the About dialog, then check the sub-directories under that directory. You should also check the Windows trash can.

        We are sorry you lost your work. We will revisit the cut/paste applet code as part of our next review.

        Advansys Support

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