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    In Enterprise mode I have no problem archiving certain mailboxes within a post office. Now, In the same post office, other mailboxes will not archive at all, I get an error that says it can not login to the mailbox. I have noticed that some of my Groupwise users have been unassociated from their edir username. These people don’t archive, but still others that have associations to their GW users will not archive either, can’t figure out why? any help, thanks.

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    Unfortunately we can’t offer any immediate answers as to the cause. Theoretically, as Archive To Go uses the same code and GroupWise APIs to access each mailbox, our software should either work or fail consistently across all mailboxes, especially within the same Post Office.

    Are you able to use Archive To Go against the troublesome mailboxes using Local Access (which requires a mailbox password)?

    To help us understand your current system configuration used with Archive To Go, can you email to support@advansyscorp.com the systems.xml file from the local folder:

    C:Documents and Settings[Windows User]Application DataAdvansysArchive To Go


    Advansys Support

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