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    I start up Archive to go, select local access mode, give it the credentials and hit next. I select “include default native GroupWise archive” and click “add” and path it to my archive “C:My Documentsgwarchiveof393arc, Next I select all then continue through and it starts creating the archive. When it’s finished I run the viewer.exe and then do a search for an email that I know is not anywhere but in my local archive and it cannot find it or any other email that is in my local archive (C:My Documentsgwarchiveof393arc). What am I doing wrong?

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    Thanks for your enquiry.

    Which version of Archive To Go are you using?

    Does the log file list any warnings/errors? You can find the log in the archive folder; its file extension is ‘.log’. It may help if you send this file (zipped) to support@advansyscorp.com

    If you want to export the default native/personal archive, all you need to do is check the box at Include default native GroupWise archive. If you want to export secondary native/personal archives then you also need to add the path for each of them.

    If “C:My Documentsgwarchiveof393arc” represents a secondary native/personal archive, I suspect the correct path to enter is “C:My Documentsgwarchive”. See this featured topic for more information.

    Advansys Support

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