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      I just downloaded and installed Informativ. Very impressive. However, I want to create some email templates that include images and formatting. When I use the Message to Template feature, it always drops everything except the text.

      Using GW6

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        Thanks very much for the feedback. In Formativ 1.5, for the HTML stationery templates, you should use the Convert message to stationery solution rather than the ‘Message to template’. There are two main ‘template’ style solutions which ship with Formativ 1.5:

        • Template System – Introduced with Formativ 1.0, this is a plain text system based on an XML format which enables simple or interactive, dynamically built forms. To create a Template System compatible template from a message, use the Message to template facility.
        • Formativ Stationery – New to Formativ 1.5, this is an HTML based stationery template system. You create stationery templates by using an HTML editor (not MS Word) or with the Convert message to stationery facility.

        Please let us know if you have any further questions.

        Best regards,

        Advansys Support

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