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      We have a problem where some people who have their Groupwise account display name set up with parentheses, for example “Robert (Bob) Smith” sometimes (but not always) causes Busy Search to pop up an error:

      “Groupwise error D00D”: “An unexpected error has occured. Please exit and restart Groupwise” [which doesn’t fix anything]

      Then another popup right behind it is:
      “Busy Search”: “Some addresses are undeliverable and have been crossed out.” [The address crossed out is the one with parentheses]

      I just don’t know why that email account doesn’t resolve properly because I have no problem sending a regular message or appointment request to it, it just fails on the Busy Search. Furthermore, it doesn’t ALWAYS have a problem on Busy Search, but only when a RESOURCE is added as a recipient to the same invitation through an applet (the applet doesn’t do anything fancy, just calls Groupwise.BusySearchDlg). If I use that custom applet and only add people (including that email with parens), no problem. But as soon as I add a meeting room and click Busy Search, it doesn’t like that email account (the room is ok).

      Strange bug. Is there any way around this?

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        Thanks for your post.

        Formativ is wrapper around GroupWise Object and Tokens API, to make it easier to access the underlying API.

        Groupwise.BusySearchDlg is part of GroupWise Tokens API. Looks like could be bug in the token when Resource added as a recipient. We suggest you to report this issue to Novel forum:


        Please make sure you are running the latest point release of the GroupWise client, you can find latest point release from here: http://download.novell.com/patch/finder/

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          Well, I found the offending line of code! The bug is not in the call to BusySearchDlg, but in the call to another Token: ItemSetText.

          When appending resource names (room number) to the appointment recipient list, we used:
          Groupwise.ItemSetText(“X00”, itfTo, strRoomNumber, TRUE)
          and that is the command that doesn’t like parentheses in the account display names.

          And I found a workaround! I now use TextSetTo instead of ItemSetText to append the room number and it works just fine for all account display names, with or without parentheses:
          Groupwise.TextSetTo(strRoomNumber, TRUE)

          Just thought I’d share the solution. Thanks.

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            Great, thanks for letting us know.


            Advansys support

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