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    Using Studio what would be the best way to form fill a Word fax cover sheet from the currently selected contact in GroupWise?

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    You can use the AddressBook component (ActiveX) in Formativ 2.0 which lets you select address entry from the Address Book and access key information related to the selected items.

    See ActiveX – Address Book Control documentaion for more information:

    See the following forum example post about steps to use Address Book control in Formativ:

    Once you access address book entry details then you can use Microsoft Word in Formativ. There are lots of scripting example in web about how to use Microsoft Word, you can also search in our forum about it.

    Here is an example:

    Search and Replace in MS Word:

    Hope this helps.


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    The information you provided would probably be helpful to someone with more coding experience (not necessarily me). This seems like a fairly common thing a user would want to do (kind of Act! like), are there any code examples anyone has available? I have not found anything in my current searches.

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