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    Hello !
    Has anyone setup an LDAP access for Formativ ?
    As I can’t find an area where to enter the LDAP server address, I manualy edited the registry and added the address of our LDAP server, but I can’t make it work.

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    Have you changed the Protocol settings to force LDAP operation in the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet (Windows Control Panel)?

    If you have the NetWare client installed, you will need to specifically select the LDAP protocol option on the Protocols tab of the Formativ Windows Control Panel applet. The next time you start your GroupWise client, the LDAP dialog will appear, which will enable you to complete the relevant details.

    You can also force specific protocol settings during installation of Formativ using the configuration file startup parameter.

    Please let us know if this information does not assist you solve the operational problem.


    Advansys Support


    Hello !
    OK, client prompted for LDAP details. I was searching for this in config tabs rather than at client start.
    Enhancemnt request:
    You might want to add the LDAP parameters inside Advansys control panel.
    By the way, LDAP authentification worked but I see no shared applet. It might be because our LDAP server do not export the context where the Formativ group and item reside.

    Support 1a

    Thanks for the information and enhancement request. We have added this to our enhancement database.

    Please let us know if you have any problems accessing your shared libraries using LDAP.

    Advansys Support

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