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      What is the proper procedure to get an applet into an eDir global applet library as a Flexilock so that it can be used in the Runtime environment?

      These are the steps I’m currently taking, which seem a little tedious:

      1. Right-click applet under My Applets to create a Flexilock version to the “Flexilock Output” folder
      2. Copy from the “Flexilock Output” to the “My DocumentsAdvansysApplets” folder
      3. Restart GroupWise/Formativ Studio so that the Flexilock applet appears in My Applets
      4. Disable the unlocked applet and/or integrations (so the applet does not run twice during testing)
      5. Right-click to cut the Flexilock applet ()
      6. Right-click to paste the Flexilock applet to the Global Applet Library section for distribution. No drag-and-drop allow for this operation :-(

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        Unfortunately, Steps 1-4 is required to create the Flexalock applet and avoid executing the duplicate.

        You can drag and drop the applet to the applet library. You will need to select the drop position to the desired applet library (i.e. cabinet icon).

        Hope this help.

        Advansys Support

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